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TRILL Mattress

Designed for comfort and convenience, the TRILL offers a plush side and a firm side in one flippable mattress.

Behind the Sheets

This is what the TRILL is made of.

Senso Memory® Foam

Orthopaedic® Foam

Vital® Foam



Designed to provide plush comfort, this layer with a latex feel easily adapts to the movement of the body, and provides outstanding support.

Senso Memory® Foam

This viscoelastic foam intelligently conforms to the shape of the body and cradles it in an incredibly relaxing way.

Orthopaedic® Foam

Recommended for orthopedic use, this foam offers maximum support. It is an essential layer for sleepers seeking to ease physical aches and pains.

Vital® Foam

Firm and bouncy, this foam is durable and can withstand a weighty load. It is treated with Sanitized® technology.

No harmful and hazardous elements; Environment-friendly

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungi, anti-odor, and anti-dust mites

Orthopaedically safe and approved by POA

Let’s Talk Tech

A closer look at the technology and materials that make up the TRILL.
Measurements & dimensions
(H x W x L)
10" x 36" x 75"
10" x 60" x 75"
10" x 48" x 75"
10" x 72" x 78"
Full Double
10" x 54" x 75"
TRILLTex® Foam
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Senso Memory® Foam
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Orthofirm® Foam
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Vital® Foam
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Designed and assembled in the Philippines
10-year limited warranty. Read More
We’ve partnered with Transportify (Manila and Luzon) and Air 21 (Visayas and Mindanao) for a hassle-free delivery.
Delivery costs
We offer free delivery and returns.

Got Qs?

We tried answering your possible questions, but if you can’t find them below, feel free to ask away here.


We ship to anywhere in the Philippines for free.
Our lead time for shipping is 3-5 days in the Manila and Luzon areas, and 7-10 days in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.
Your TRILL will be delivered between 8am-6pm, Mondays to Saturdays.
Only those who are authorized are allowed to receive the package. Please have an authorization letter ready in case you’re not home to accept the delivery.
Don’t worry, if no one's authorized to accept the delivery, we will coordinate with you and reschedule.
The TRILL will be delivered in an 18x18x42 box with wheels for easy transport.


Your 100-night trial begins on the date we delivered your mattress.
We suggest that you sleep on the plush and the firm sides for at least 90 days so there’s enough time for the TRILL to adjust to your body.
To discuss mattress returns, please call 0917-85-TRILLL or chat with a designated TRILL agent here.
You will be given 100 nights to test the TRILL. We suggest that you sleep on it for at least 90 days.


The TRILL’s 10-year warranty coverage against manufacturing defects is effective upon date of purchase. It is important that you register your warranty as soon as you receive the TRILL.
Log on to trillbyuratex.com.ph and follow the instructions.
The foam of the TRILL has natural characteristics of undergoing slight shape distortion, minor softening, and discoloration. Thus, the guarantee is limited to sagging (by more than 25%) and crumbling of the foam slab.
The manufacturer of the TRILL reserves the right to conduct a series of laboratory tests to assess whether the defect is within warranty coverage.
The repair or replacement of your TRILL is exclusive of transportation costs and replacement of mattress cover.
To process warranty inquiries for the TRILL, the original warranty card and proof of purchase is required.

Setting up the TRILL

1. Unbox the TRILL in your desired sleeping spot. It’s advisable to open it within a month after your purchase date to make sure that the mattress achieves its intended size and thickness.
2. Lay the TRILL sideways and gently tug on the outer plastic wrap.
3. Once the TRILL is unfurled, carefully open the plastic wrap.
4. Watch the magic happen as the TRILL completely transforms into a full-sized mattress. While the mattress will immediately expand once opened, expect it to fully regain its intended size and thickness after 24 hours.
5. Decide on the firmness level you prefer: plush or firm. Flip the mattress from one side to the other depending on your comfort preference.
6. Plop down to experience your most comfortable sleep ever.
You can use either of the following: a solid foundation that provides rigid center support, a slatted base with spaces not more than two inches, or a box spring that offers a flat and firm structure for the mattress.

Care Instructions

We recommend the use of a Uratex Premium Touch mattress protector on your TRILL to avoid stains.
In case of bed stains, get rid of it with care by spot cleaning the area by hand using a mild detergent and warm water.
We are very excited to hear your TRILLing moments and we want to make sure you get the best out of our masterpiece. Be the first to share how TRILLed are you with our mattress!

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