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TRILL Pillow

Side, back, or stomach — no matter which side you sleep on, this 100% down alternative pillow is ideal for you.

Pillow Features

These are the materials that make-up the TRILL pillow.
100% Down Alternative

100% Down Alternative

Clump-free softness and consistent support you can literally lean on.
100% Cotton

100% Cotton

This 100% Cotton and 300-Thread Count fabric has got your pillow (and you!) covered.


Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic—no sneezing, just sleep

Fluff and Fill

Think Down, but without all the uncool stuff about it: odors, allergens, and sharp quills. It’s because this 100% down alternative pillow uses a siliconized gel filling. This means that no matter how much you twist and turn while asleep, the filling will stay consistent and won’t clump. How’s that for cool?

Get Ready to TRILL

Unwrap your TRILL Pillow in five easy steps
1 Gently remove the TRILL carton label from the pillow.
Open the Plastic Packaging
2 Using a cutter or a pair of scissors, carefully open the plastic packaging.
Allow the Pillow to expand to its Natural Form
3Pull the TRILL Pillow from the plastic and allow a few minutes for it to expand to its natural form.
Fluff the pllow to ensure puffiness
4 Fluff the TRILL Pillow from both sides to ensure puffiness.
Allow the Pillow to expand to its Natural Form
5Cover your TRILL Pillow with a pillow protector to keep it from liquid, stains, and unwanted odor.
Fluff the pllow to ensure puffiness

Got Qs?

We tried answering your possible questions, but if you can’t find them below, feel free to ask away here.
We ship to anywhere in the Philippines for free.
Our lead time for shipping is 3-5 days in the Manila and Luzon areas, and 7-10 days in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.
We ship our products through Air21.
Your TRILL Pillow will be delivered between 8am-6pm, Mondays to Saturdays.
Only those who are authorized are allowed to receive the package. Please have an authorization letter ready in case you’re not home to accept the delivery.
Don’t worry, if no one's authorized to accept the delivery, we will coordinate with you and reschedule.
In case of stains, get rid of it with care by spot cleaning the area by hand using a mild detergent and warm water.
We are very excited to hear your TRILLing moments and we want to make sure you get the best out of our masterpiece. Be the first to share how TRILLed are you with our pillow!

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